Altar Cloth - Triple Moon Pentagram 18 x 18 inches

Altar Cloth -  Triple Moon Pentagram 18 x 18 inches

Perfect for a medium sized altar to protect it from the elements, wax, ashes and more.

Try it as a wall hanging decor or maybe a wonderful for wrapping your Tarot deck.
Add to your wardrobe by using it as a scarf too!

The triple moon is a Goddess symbol that represents the Maiden, Mother, and Crone as the waxing, full, and waning moon. It is also associated with feminine energy, mystery and psychic abilities.  The Triple Moon Symbol is a popular pagan and Wiccan symbol used to represent the Goddess. It shows different portions of the lunar cycle, with the moon in three phases – waxing, full and waning. First, there is a crescent moon that is in a growing/waxing phase. In the center comes a circle representing the full moon, and finally, there is a crescent denoting the diminishing/waning moon. 

Spiritual and religious symbols contain meanings that delve into the deeper reality. The same goes for the Triple Moon Symbol, which is considered representative of all aspects of the divine feminine power - intuition or psychic insight; creative energy; and wisdom & mystery. It indicates the three life stages of a woman. 

18 x 18 inches
Gold & Silver Detailed Design on Purple 
100% rayon (satin)

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Altar Cloth - Triple Moon Pentagram 18 x 18 inches

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