Summer Begins - Beltaine May Eve - WHEEL OF THE YEAR PRAYER FLAGS 15" X 17"

Summer Begins - Beltaine May Eve
April 30th

Folk dance around the Maypole, emblem of fertility (the name "May" comes from a Norse word meaning "to shoot out new growth"). May 1st was the midpoint of a five-day Roman festival to Flora, Goddess of Flowers. The name "Beltaine" means "Bel's Fires"; in Celtic lands, cattle were driven between bonfires to bless them, and people leaped the fires for luck. This was a celebration of the pleasures of life and sexuality. The goddess and god, now the May Queen and her beloved Sun Prince are wed. This was a day of sexual freedom, blessing the fields fertility, and joy in living. A time to enrich any aspect of your life requiring fertilization and to celebrate abundance. 

Flag 15" x 17"
100% hand batiked rayon

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Summer Begins - Beltaine May Eve - WHEEL OF THE YEAR PRAYER FLAGS 15" X 17"

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