Spring Begins - Brigid or Imbolc Oimelc - WHEEL OF THE YEAR PRAYER FLAGS 15" X 17"

Spring Begins - Brigid or Imbolc Oimelc
February 2nd 

Spring begins-- Brigid or Imbolc (Oimelc) As the days' lengthening becomes perceptible, many candles are lit to hasten the warming of the earth and emphasize the reviving of life. "Imbolc" is from Old Irish, and may mean "in the belly", and Oimelc, "ewe's milk", as this is the lambing time. It is the holiday of the Celtic Fire Goddess Brigid, whose threefold nature rules smithcraft, poetry/inspiration, and healing.   Here she carries a burning torch symbolic of her eternal flame that was kept burning always at her temples. Her healing aspect is making a brew of herbs, in a cauldron adorned by the totem animal of a wolf. Her crone aspect composes poems with a raven feather, as the snow begins melting on the hills and a few violets begin to bloom. The heart reminds us of Valentines Day, an ancient holiday of love and sensuality from Roman times. A good time to seek healing, visions, and tempering. 

Flag 15" x 17"
100% hand batiked rayon

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Spring Begins - Brigid or Imbolc Oimelc - WHEEL OF THE YEAR PRAYER FLAGS 15" X 17"

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