USB LED Agate Slice Mini Rainbow Multicoloured Lamp

Really cute little LED lamp, a slice of coloured agate with a coloured LED behind it.
Simply plug into the USB outlet of your computer or laptop and instantly the colour changing lamp will highlight your Agate Slice with an array of interchanging colours.  The lamp randomly changes colours from; green, red, purple to blue Great little mood light, run it from your PC or from an adapter.  Works with any powered USB device - not just a computer.

Some basic assembly is required for stand and lamp upon first use; simply place LED light into round cavity at base of stand. Place Agate Slice in holders at front of stand and plug in.

This quartz, belonging to the Chalcedony family, comes in a wide range of colors and is often variegated and banded.  Agates foster love, abundance, wealth, good luck, longevity, acceptance, courage, protection, balance, harmony, generosity, strength, security and appreciation of nature.Agates are considered Power Stones. The are very grounding, solid and stable. All Agates have excellent protective and healing energy, and stimulate analytical capabilities and precision. If you have to deal with numbers, Excel spread sheets, charts and accounts, an Agate crystal on your desk will help you be more precise. Also helps awaken (discover) your inherent natural talents. 

Agate is a very fine grained form of Quartz. It grows within volcanic lava bubbles known as "geodes". Diamond saws are used to slice the Agate, it is then ground to remove any imperfections then polished and dyed to enhance and display the beautiful natural banding within. 

Lamp size is approximately 3 inches / 8 cm
Comes in Pink, Blue, Green and Earth Tones
All colors and sizes vary as these are natural stones.

Lamps are randomly selected so if you are looking for a particular colour, please send me a message.  The Agate Slices will vary in size from approximately 5-7cm x 4-6cm. These Agate Slices are a natural polished gemstone and each will be have it's own individual and unique markings/lines, inclusions within and size variation.

The kit includes; 1 Agate Slice and 1 lamp/stand with USB cord attached and comes boxed

The stand measures 5cm wide x 5cm long.

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USB LED Agate Slice Mini Rainbow Multicoloured Lamp

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