Yule - Winter Solstice - WHEEL OF THE YEAR PRAYER FLAGS 15" X 17"

December 21st

Yule The longest night of the year. From this night on, light returns with the lengthening of the daylight hours.

Many cultures hold a Festival of Light to honor the Goddess as Mother giving birth to the Sun God. "Yule" comes from the Norse word for "wheel", and many of our customs derive from Norse and Celtic Pagan practices (the Yule log, the tree, the custom of Wassailing, et al). Great yule logs were burned to help the sun to shine more brightly, and people drank mead around the bonfires listening to minstrel-poets singing ancient legends until dawn. This image shows the wise Father Solstice bringing his precious gifts, and Lucina, a Scandinavian Goddess who wears a crown of candles and brings a tray of sweets to herald the coming light. The evergreen tree covered with decorations and fruits reminds us of the ever renewing cycle of life. A Pentacle, symbol of perfected humans, crowns the tree. This is a great time for self-growth, abundance, fertility, and above all, hope for the future.

Flag 15" x 17"
100% hand batiked rayon

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Yule - Winter Solstice - WHEEL OF THE YEAR PRAYER FLAGS 15" X 17"

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