Telekinetic Enhancer Spinner

Use this device to help develop your psychic energy and your ability to focus to explore the realm of telekinetic energy.

Comes in a small black cardboard box with a pentacle emblem on the top.
Find the spinner and the pin inside the box and place them on the emblem.
You are now ready to practice and enhance your psychic abilities.

First of all remember that we live in an infinite and unlimited universe.  There is so much more going on than we could possibly understand with our current level of awareness.  Boxing yourself in, in your own mind will only limit your potential for growth and a greater understanding of the world.

There is so much motion and energy constantly moving around us even though the world appears to be holding still.  Perhaps telekinesis is merely manipulating the existing energy to make subtle changes in the world around us.  Imagine how fast the earth moves around the sun and then again how fast the sun is moving through the universe.  We are constantly in motion!

Some Prepping Techniques to find Success

1. Meditate – Calm your mind, do some deep breathing and get into a super focused and peaceful state of mind.  Being attached to specific results will hold you back when it comes to many different energy practices.

2. Believe- This world is full of doubt.  Doubt and fear are low vibrations that will not only make Telekinesis super difficult but also make you frustrated and likely to give up before you have a breakthrough.  Know that this is real and you can make it a part of your experience in this reality too.  Focus on seeing success.

3. Visualize/ Subconscious- When you are getting ready to begin your practice with our Telekinetic Enhancer remember that your subconscious is a powerful tool.  Close your eyes and visualize the spinner spinning.  See it spinning faster and faster in your mind.  Then release that thought into your subconscious and just relax and watch what happens.  It may take some time but trust that it will work.

14. Energy balls/Psi Ball/Chi- Practice visualizing a ball of energy between your hands.  Send energy to it from the earth, the sun, and your chakras.  Once you have built up a good amount of energy try using that to spin the wheel.   QiGong and other energy practices will also enhance your ability to flow with and move energy.

5. Be Positive/The power of Love Energy- Be optimistic that you will get results and then that you will get consistent results.  There is a powerful technique that has been the biggest part of my success that involves blissful love energy. It doesn’t make much sense to my logical mind but what seems to work best is getting into a high energy blissful state, completely full of love energy and then visualize that energy going from my heart chakra to the psi wheel. 

6. Track your results in a journal & be persistent- Keep track of your results in a daily journal.  Record what you did to prep, how you were feeling, how you meditated and what results you found.  Remember that mood and sometimes even diet will also play a role in your ability to get consistent results so record everything you can think of. 

This device is designed to help connect yourself to the energy and movement of the world around you.  I can't guarantee the success of your work as nothing in the metaphysical realm comes with a guarantee. New Age and Alternative Therapies work like a prayer. It will work out in the way that is best for you as decided by your higher self. In other words, you may not find a solution for your issue but perhaps gain a perspective that allows you to find wisdom from the experience of situation. 

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Telekinetic Enhancer Spinner

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