Pentacle Pendant - 925 Sterling Silver (Necklace Not Included)

Pentacle Pendant - 925 Sterling Silver (Necklace Not Included)

Wear this stunning sterling pentacle as a powerful protection symbol.  Like the circle it is considered a protective design because of its continuously connecting points.
The pentacle has five elements, four of matter (earth, air, fire and water) and THE quintessential - spirit. These may be arrayed around the pentacles points. The word quintessential derives from this fifth element - the spirit. Tracing a path around the pentagram, the elements are placed in order of density - spirit (or aether). fire, air, water, earth. Earth and fire are basal, fixed; air and water are free, flowing.
This delicate talisman combines the protective power of the five pointed star with the protection of the circle. This pentacle calls upon the life giving powers of the Goddess while conveying its protection upon the bearer. It is worn in respect and honor to our Earth Mother.
Approximate Pendant Size:  .75 inches
Slip it on a leather cord  or chain to create a stunning necklace or clip it onto something like your spell book to add a unique element.

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Pentacle Pendant - 925 Sterling Silver (Necklace Not Included)

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