2-3 Days 1 Pound Devil's Shoestring Root

1 Pound Devil's Shoestring Root

Devil's Shoestrings are used for protection, to "trip up the Devil" or "hobble" him so he can't get in a house. They are also carried for gambling luck and for job-getting.
For Luck, when you go to gamble, apply for a job, or do anything that requires luck, dip your fingers in the liquid filled with nine devils shoestring roots and run them through your hair nine times, like you would with hair oil. You can also use this liquid to dress a mojo hand or lodestones. Keep the Devil's Shoestrings in the bottle topped up with whiskey or Hoyt's Cologne and use the liquid as a dressing any time you want more luck.

These plants are in the honeysuckle family and all of them grow in the woods. 
The "strings" of Devil's Shoestrings are not string-like at all, rather they are long and flexible, sort of like rattan or honeysuckle vine, only they are roots, not canes. The big ones are smooth and thicker than pencils; the little ones are wiry and thin, like St. John's wort roots. In old oral histories of hoodoo, some folks call them "twigs," because they somewhat resemble sucker growth on a fruit tree ... only without the leaf-buds.
Sometimes referred to as Twigs in old Hoodoo oral histories, Devil`s Shoe String is a common and potent root utilized most frequently in Hoodoo practices, as it has been for years unmeasured. In this practice, they are most frequently kept within a Mojo bag or tied together to form a bracelet, anklet, or necklace. In these circumstances, it is typically viewed as a powerful protective device. This is where some believe it even gets its name, referring to its ability to "trip up the devil," as if you tied his shoe laces together. Tied together as an anklet, Devil`s Shoestring is also known to be of particular help in preventing the wearer from being poisoned by Goofer`s dust. Other uses within such spiritual practice also involve the herb aiding finding good luck, helping to find a new job or a raise, achieving invisibility, or acquiring some measure of control over the opposite sex. Today, Devil`s Shoestring is still most commonly identified with this old Hoodoo and Root Magic practices that are, if anything, more widespread and common today than ever. Outside of this, some medicinal use has also been found by some Herbalists. 

This is a 1 lb bag of Devil`s Shoestring.
We make no claims for this herb, and sell it as a Curio only.
This is a herb meant to help with your spiritual needs.

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1 Pound Devil's Shoestring Root

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