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.5#-1# Amethyst flat base high quality

Beautiful Amethyst piece with flat base will look and feel good where ever you place it. With many c..


1 1/2" Buddha Statues various stones

Carved Buddha is a famous icon. This version is the happy laughing Buddha called Hotei. Live in the ..


1 1/2" Egill's Torque pewter Necklace

The traditional twisted wire torque of Egill the Icelandic warrior and raider, with finials depictin..


1 3/4" Elven Star pewter Necklace

The Wiccan symbol of the seven pointed star, or septagram, represents the seven paths to the higher ..


1#-2# Amethyst flat base

Beautiful Amethyst piece with flat base will look and feel good where ever you place it. With many c..


1" Dragonfly earrings

The Dragonfly symbolizes change, transformation, adaptability, and self-realization. The change that..


1" Sun & Moon sterling Pendant

Pretty sterling silver Sun & Moon pendant. Sun represents masculine while the moon represents femini..


1" Wiccan Elemental Pentagram Necklace

The Wiccan pentacle representing the five elements, the five senses and the five points of the sacre..


1/2" Heart, filgree sterling Necklace

Sterling Silver Heart-Puffed Filigree Pendant, Charming and delicate, 12mm - Filigree details in a ..


10 1/4" Buddha burner

Copper Buddha Standing Incense Burner 11' Tall...


10" Unicorn incense holder

A dreamy Unicorn Boat Incense Burner, pearl white based with shades of aqua blue within the incense ..


11" Fortuna Statue

She might bring good or bad luck: she could be represented as veiled and blind, as in modern depicti..


11" Happy Tree incense holder

This carved resin Happy Tree statue, is an incense holder, hand painted detailed fun design called t..


11/16" Pentagram Moonstone sterling

Sterling Silver Pentacle with Moonstone Pendant The pentacle is a five pointed star inside a circle...


12" Thor's plaque

This grand Thor's hammer is antique white bone color with brown highlights and has deep design relie..