Beautiful Fairy gift ides like fairy jewelry, fairy statues, faery wall art and more.

Fairies, much like angels are inter-dimensional beings who live in a realm between realms.
Fairies are very much real spiritual beings, just as angels are real spiritual beings.
Both angels and fairies are spiritual beings of the light, but they exist at different levels of vibration.
There are of course many different types of fairies just as there are angels.
One big difference between fairies and angels is that fairies are much closer to the Earth plane than angels.
Fairies also have egos while angels do not… Fairies are however much more balanced in their choices, actions, and mental states than humans, which makes them quite angelic.
Another big difference between angels and fairies is that angels are spiritual beings whose purpose revolves around carrying out the Divine will and serving humanity. Fairies roles on the other hand largely revolve around serving, taking care of and nurturing the Earth.

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5 1/4" Fairyland Fairy Statue

Hand Painted resin. Fairy figurine statue, squatting with hands over knees holding a rose, with a fa..


6" Meadowland Fairy STATUE

Be reminded of a bright sunny day with this sweet Meadowland Fairy Statue. Hand Painted Resin 5 1/8"..


Complete guide to Faeries and Magical Beings by Cassandra Eason

Complete guide to Faeries and Magical Beings by Cassandra Ea Tour an enchanted world with this book ..


Dark fairytale tarot deck by Raffacle De Angelis

Prepare to be seduced by the tantalizing and irresistible fairy realm. Gorgeously rendered and charg..


Divination of the Ancients by Meiklejohn-Free & Peters

In ancient times, across countless cultures throughout history, there were gifted oracles who spoke ..


English Fairy Tales Rosalind Kerven

A stunningly illustrated collection of 15 classic English tales, from “The Dragon Castle” to “Robin ..


Fairy Bible by Teresa Moorey

Fairy Bible by Teresa Moorey Fairies of the water, air, and earth, the trees and flowers, the house ..


Fairy cone incense burner

Three fairies dance across the surface of this incense burner made out of lead free pewter. Also gre..


Fairy Lights tarot deck by Lucia Mattioli

The poetic art of Lucia Mattioli sings in this unique and imaginative tarot. Each card is part of a ..


Fairy Oracle by Rackham & Elford

Featuring the art of the great British illustrator Arthur Rackham, the Fairy Oracle invites you into..


Fairy pewter

A seated fairy rests thoughtfully, as the wind catches her hair. A cute delicately designed pewter ..


Fairy Tarot Bag by Lo Scarabeo 6" x 9"

A wonderful bag designed for storing your tarot or other ritual tools in! This bag comes with a draw..


Forbidden Mysteries of Faery Witchcraft by Storm Faerywolf

This book helps you cultivate and explore your forsaken shadows. When you peer behind the veil of co..


Gold Fairy Glitter 1oz

Sprinkle this gold glitter during your ritual magic to help surround yourself in wealth and prosperi..


Healing Pillar Candle with Fairy Dust Necklace

Bring magically enhanced healing into your life and strengthen yourself against further illness with..