Herbs and Spices

Herbs have been used for centurines to benefit our lives, both medically and emotionally.  

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.5oz Anti Hex powder

Counter negative spells, Protection against negative spells, Reversing...


.5oz Bewitching Seduction powder

To captivate and Charm, Promote sexual attraction. Use a small amount...


.5oz Blessing powder Spell

To bless a place, a baby, a new venture...


.5oz Dove's Blood powder Herb

For true love, and to reinforce a pact or promise...


.5oz Guiding Spirit powder

Guiding Spirit powder is a blend of herbs used to connect you with your spirit guides and ancestors...


1 Lb Alfalfa Leaf cut (Medicago sativa) Herb

Alfalfa is traditionally used as an herb of prosperity and money gathering and as proof against hung..


1 Lb Anise Star whole (Ilicium verum) Herb

Anise Star is a well known ingredient in protective and meditative incenses and is sometimes used as..


1 Lb Arabic Gum powder (Acacia species) Herb

Arabic Gum is used in incense or smoldered alone to add good vibrations and banish negativity and ev..


1 Lb BarberryRoot Bark cut (Berberis vulgaris) Herb

Barberry is sometimes called Holy Thorn or Jaundice Berry. It has been used for fabric dye and in me..


1 Lb Bayberry Tree Bark cut (Myrica cerifera) Herb

Bayberry is widely used in rituals and spells of luck, plenty & prosperity. It is often carried abou..


1 Lb Bearberry (Uva Ursi) (mexican) Herb

Used sometimes by Native Americans in smudging, Bearberry (or kinnikinnick) smoke is said to carry t..


1 Lb Black Cohosh Root powder (Cimicifuga racemosa) Herb

With uses traced back to the Native American's teachings to early settlers, Black Cohosh root has be..


1 Lb Blessed Thistle (Cnisus benedictus) Herb

Blessed Thistle a potent aid in healing magic and is linked to Mars, and the sign of Aries, and the ..


1 Lb Cat's Claw Bark cut (Unicaria tomentosa) Herb

Known in South and Central American lore as a powerful aid for various uses, Cat's Claw Bark can als..


1 Lb Comfrey Root cut (Symphytum officinale) Herb

Worn or carried, Comfrey protects and ensures safety during travel. Comfrey also has associations wi..