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A listing of everything I sell on Ardra Gifts.

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.5#-1# Amethyst flat base high quality

Beautiful Amethyst piece with flat base will look and feel good where ever you place it. With many c..


.5oz Anti Hex powder

Counter negative spells, Protection against negative spells, Reversing...


.5oz Bewitching Seduction powder

To captivate and Charm, Promote sexual attraction. Use a small amount...


.5oz Blessing powder Spell

To bless a place, a baby, a new venture...


.5oz Cast Off Evil powder

Get rid one of bad habits, wicked influences, and evil companions...


.5oz Dove's Blood powder Herb

For true love, and to reinforce a pact or promise...


.5oz Forgive & Forget powder

This powder is used to forget past problems, fights, and break ups, and to fall in love again...


.5oz Guiding Spirit powder

Guiding Spirit powder is a blend of herbs used to connect you with your spirit guides and ancestors...


.5oz Hot Foot powder

Hot Foot powder is commonly used in Hoodoo Folk magic to drive away unwanted people. Dusted on the t..


.5oz Van Van powder

Van Van powder is used to cleanse items and areas from negative energies. Commonly used in many New ..


1 1/2" Ankh pendant sterling

Enchantingly crafted of sterling silver, this pendant is sculpted into the shape of an Ankh, the Egy..


1 1/2" Buddha Statues various stones

Carved Buddha is a famous icon. This version is the happy laughing Buddha called Hotei. Live in the ..


1 1/2" Egill's Torque pewter Necklace

The traditional twisted wire torque of Egill the Icelandic warrior and raider, with finials depictin..


1 1/2" Elephant various stones

Elephants for luck or pleasure. Each is carved in different colors from various gemstones. They are ..


1 1/2" Lune Noir

A dolorous and dark waning moon drips the portent of an oppressive and melancholy episode. Let the p..