Oracle Cards

Oracle cards are types of cards that when used together form a card deck that provides individuals with answers to their innermost questions. These questions and answers are generally prophetic in nature and are thought to provide a glimpse or outlook into the future. An individual can buy and use her own set of cards for gathering insight, or may choose to seek the services of a psychic or medium who professionally reads oracle cards.
Oracle cards are used as an inspirational tool. These cards typically stick with more positive images and many decks are based on angels or healing themes. The number of cards in an oracle deck can vary from about 44 cards to as high as 55 or more, since each card deck is unique.
Oracle cards, also known as wisdom cards and tarot cards, are cards used for divination, fortune-telling, astrology and spiritual guidance.

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Eternal Crystals Oracle cards by Sky & Marin

Eternal Crystals Oracle Cards hold the wisdom and energetic vibration of 44 powerful crystals, each ..


Faery Godmother oracle by Peters & Dhemiah-Meacham

In this topsy-turvy world, of almost daily emotional highs and lows, a kind word in the ear, or a go..


Fairy Oracle by Rackham & Elford

Featuring the art of the great British illustrator Arthur Rackham, the Fairy Oracle invites you into..


Find your Light Inspiration deck by Sara Burrier

Through captivating watercolor imagery and empowering affirmations, Find Your Light prompts you to e..


Foxfire: Kitsune oracle by Lucy Cavendish

You are about to enter a magickal realm, a secret world of cherry blossom trees, gingko plants that ..


Gems Oracle cards by Bianca Luna

Stones and crystals have beneficial energies that can impact us physically, mentally, and spirituall..


Golden Lenormand oracle

Rediscover the most popular oracle cards in the world, now with striking gold foil on every card. Go..


Gospel of Aradia

The story of Aradia is steeped in mystery. Was she a goddess or a flesh-and-blood woman? To some she..


Guardian Angel cards by Toni Carmine Salerno

Guardian Angels are divine messengers of love and light, guiding us along life’s sacred journey. Thr..


Healing Light tarot by Christopher Butler

Even the brightest light comes with its own shadow. This deck creates a time for visions, realizatio..


Isis Oracle Pocket by Alana Fairchild

Awaken the High Priestess Within... These messages from Goddess Isis – sacred priestess, initiate, m..


Les Vampires Oracle Cards by Lucy Cavendish

A stunning deck designed for those facing difficult decisions, upheaval in relationships or wishing ..


Magical Times Empowerment Cards by Jody Bergsma

This exquisite deck by popular artist Jody Bergsma presents 44 over-sized cards with inspirational i..


Native American oracle cards by Massimo Rotundo

Tap into the collective imagination of Native American inspired imagery and symbols. The stylized ar..


Oracle of Dr John Dee deck & book by Mathews & Kinghan

Dr. John Dee (1527–1609)—arguably the most famous of the Elizabethan magicians—was a visionary who s..