Wiccan Pagan

Wiccan Pagan

We hope you find that special piece as you look through our special collection of wiccan and pagan jewelry.  Pentagrams, triple moon and other witchy necklaces, rings, bracelets and more.  We are always looking to add more pieces so make sure you check back now and again.  

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Green Man Necklace Amulet

This amulet is a powerful aid in seeking transformation and rebirth of your own.  Greenman..


Necklace - Double Mirror Tree of Life

The Tree of Life with its branches and roots interwoven to join the upper and lower portions of the ..


Pentacle Goddess Bead Necklace

This unusual pentacle necklace has a beautiful goddess and pearl look bead on it.  The chain is..


Pocket Token - Raven

Keep this Raven pocket stone close to you, aiding with introspection, courage and transformation of ..


Protection Pentacle Amulet Necklace

Protection Pentacle Amulet Necklace Do you feel the need for a protective barrier?  Negati..


Tree of Life Pewter Necklace

A unique and double sided necklace celebrating the Tree of Life.The Tree of Life amulet; a potent sy..


Wiccan Wisdom Necklace Amulet

Wiccan Wisdom Necklace Amulet  There is a sort of calm, warm, wonderful feeling that is ev..