What is the Feng Shui Gem Tree? How Can I Use It as A Feng Shui Cure? 
What is the meaning of feng shui crystal trees, what are they used for and which ones to choose for which feng shui purposes? Can I use Swarowski crystals in my feng shui gem tree?
Answer: Feng shui gem trees, also called feng shui crystal trees, are a popular cure in the traditional feng shui school applications.
First thing to notice is the use of specific crystals in a tree, as each gem tree will usually come with one type of crystals, thus defining its feng shui application.
There is a wide variety of feng shui gem trees on the market, from amethyst gem trees to agate and even pearl and coral trees. 
For example, citrine is a stone used for wealth and abundance purposes in feng shui, so a citrine tree will be used in the Wealth area, which is the Southeast area of your Bagua. A rose quartz is obviously for heart matters, love and romance, and is good in the Southwest area of the Bagua.
Sometimes you will come across a colorfully mixed gem tree, which is excellent for use in your Children and Creativity area.

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