A range of beautifully crafted pendulum kits, metal spiral pendulums, and gemstone pendulums for love, wealth, oracle (general questions), and witches (magick questions) and more, that give surprisingly accurate answers to your questions! 

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Bloodstone Pendulum 6 sided

Bloodstone has long been valued within folk lore and magical practice. Said to be of great use in he..


Chakra Pendulum Dowsing Divining

Featuring a six sided, conical bob created out of multiple layers of stone, this pendulum is a fanta..


Double Terminated Point - Citrine 1.5 inches

Double Terminated Point - Citrine 1.5 inches This powerful citrine double terminated point radi..


Double Terminated Point - Rose Quartz 2 inches

Double Terminated Gemstone Point - Rose Quartz 2 inchesThis powerful rose quartz double terminated p..


Pentacle Bloodstone Pendulum

Absolutely stunning Green Aventurine crystal pendulum with pentagram symbol in gold, on a chain with..


Tiger Eye Pendulum - 6 sided

Tiger Eye Pendulum - 6 sidedUse the focus and power of Tiger Eye to enhance your divination with thi..