Crystals & Stones

Crystals & Stones

You may have just bought your very first stones, and now you are wondering what you can do with them. Or, perhaps you would like to purchase some stones, but are unsure of which ones might be the most helpful to you. Or maybe you are planning to start a collection of stones, and need some ideas on which ones you would like for your collection.  Use them for meditation, protection, love and harmony, reduce stress, disperse negative energy, pain relief, promote better sleep, balance your emotions and healing.
Attunement means "harmony". When you are attuned to your stone, the resonating energies of you and your stone are vibrating in harmony. Being in harmony with your stone makes it much easier for the two of you to work together. The bond you have with your stone will be much stronger, making communication between you both much clearer and more in depth. The more attuned you are to your stone, the better it will work for you, and the more you will gain from it.

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Stone Egg - Lapis 2 inches

 Stone Egg - Lapis 2 inchesEgg shaped stones are often used for reflexology, acupressure or for..


Amethyst & Quartz Chakra Healing Wand 6 inches

Amethyst & Quartz Chakra Healing Wand 6 inches"Stability & Inner Strength - Crown Chakra - F..


Amethyst - Gemstone Chip Bracelet

Amethyst - Gemstone Chip BraceletThis versatile must-have jewellery item is made from natural semi-p..


Amethyst 6 Sided Pendulum

Amethyst 6 Sided PendulumUse this gemstone pendulum to help you with divining while enjoying the ben..


Amethyst Gemstone Tree

Amethyst Gemstone TreeAdd this adorable amethyst gem tree to your sacred space to harness crown (7th..


Amethyst Gemstone Tree - Medium

Amethyst Gemstone Tree - MediumAdd this adorable amethyst gem tree to your sacred space to harness c..


Amethyst Heart Gemstone Pendant 1 inch

Amethyst Heart Gemstone Pendant 1 inchA gorgeous heart shaped semi-precious amethyst necklace. Helpf..


Amethyst Heart Necklace Pendant

Amethyst Heart Necklace PendantThis beautiful Amethyst necklace features a lovey heart gemstone in t..


Amethyst Key Chain

Amethyst Key ChainThis beautiful Amethyst keychain features a lovey heart gemstone in the center, su..


Amethyst Pendulum / Bracelet w Tree of Life

Unique to these bracelets they may also be used as a pendulum for various dowsing and divination tas..


Amethyst Point Gemstone Keychain

Amethyst Point Gemstone KeychainEach keychain is made from natural Amethyst.  No two will ever ..


Amethyst Pyramid 1 inch

Amethyst Pyramid 1 inchThis amethyst pyramid is a powerful tool for ritual practice, crystal healing..


Amethyst Semi-Precious Gemstone Bracelet 10mm

Amethyst Semi-Precious Gemstone Bracelet 10mmThis stunning Amethyst Bracelet is made from a meditati..


Amethyst Sphere Ball 1.5 inches - Chevron

Amethyst Sphere Ball 1.6 inches - Chevron  Similar to the Chevron, the pattern in this sph..


Angel Pocket Token Pewter

Angel Pocket Token PewterEmbossed with a angel, this pocket stone functions as a powerful focus duri..