Athames & Knives

Athames & Knives

Athames. Athame, arthame, boline, swords and daggers, associated with the elements Fire and Air for casting your circle in spells and rituals. Athame or arthame are traditional names for a magickal knife. A boline is often a white hilted knife used to do physical magick workings.

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3" Ankh w/ Athame

The modern vampyre's talisman of eternity, incorporating its secret life-blood blade inside the symb..


7 1/2" Bone athame

Bone Athame, with leather sheath having a safety snap strap and belt loop holder. The athame is 7 1/..


9" Acrylic athame

This unadorned athame has been created entirely out a solid piece of acrylic. 9" - 4 1/2" blade...


Bone Damascus athame

A bone handled athame with a short Daascus blade. Length and handle shape will vary. Bone, Damascus ..


Celtic Full Moon Goddess athame

This sleek athame blade is high quality stainless steel with full length blade through hilt. The app..


Dirk Wod Damascus athame 13 3/4"

An impressive athame styled after ancient Persian design with a wooden hilt, Damascus steel blade & ..


Rosewood Damascus athame

An impressive athame with a wide flat blade and rosewood hilt. Rosewood, Damascus Steel. Overall 12"..


Rune Triquetra athame

This athame offers a double edged blade decorated with a triquetra, representing the three forms of ..