Pagan & Wicca

Pagan & Wicca

Wicca / Pagan is a very peaceful, harmonious and balanced way of life which promotes oneness with the divine and all which exists.  Symbolizing intuition and psychic insight, creative energy, wisdom and mystery.  Wiccan acknowledge the cycles of nature, the lunar phases and the seasons to celebrate our spirituality and to worship the divine.  The Goddess is inextricably interwoven with Wicca known as a healer, a teacher, a seeker, a giver, and a protector of all things.  

The Pentagram represents the five elements, four of matter (Earth - Stability and Physical Endurance, Air - Intelligence and the Arts, Fire - Courage and Daring and Water - Emotions and Intuition) and the Spirit - Deity the Divine, and the All that Is.  In Wicca, the five points represent the five elements and their metaphysical aspects. The element of earth represents physical endurance and stability and is the symbol of the lower left point. The lower right point is symbolic of fire, which represents courage. The element of water represents intuition and emotion and is the meaning of the upper right point. The upper left point symbolizes air and represents intelligence. The fifth point is symbolic of the element of spirit, and represents the divine. The meaning is basically similar to the old saying “mind over matter,” which means the ability of one’s spirit to control the lower aspects of our being.

A Wiccan's magical tools are like extensions of him or herself. They are infused with their owners energy and attuned toward his or her will.  They enhance ritual and magic by helping their owner focus energy. 
A ritual is a personal act, which causes one’s will to reach his/her goal. But it is not just matter of one’s will. The ritual means that one must trust the higher powers and is able to bring a sacrifice. Only real trust in oneself can bring desired intent. Simple writing of a problem on a paper, burning the paper and burying it in the garden can also be a powerful ritual. There is no god or bad ritual, no right or false method. The success depends on one’s self-trust and trust in life, God/Goddess or love.
Rituals are on this earth since the beginning of our culture. Every tribe or kingdom had its own practices and rituals, which had brought people & clanships closer together and confirmed their belief in higher powers.

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