Incense Sticks & Cones

Incense Sticks & Cones

Incense sticks are popularly used in Indian rituals. They are lit and offered to God. Use incense in your home to enjoy the aromatherpay benefits.  We have some wonderful incense to use during yoga or meditation, that is sure to help with relaxation and focus. We offer incense sticks and cones which are made from aromatic ingredients. They have an ever-lasting effect and spread the fragrance in the entire room. Our exotic incense sticks and cones collection includes the following.

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1 lb Benzoin incense powder

Known for its vanilla-like aroma, Benzoin is a granular incense can be used with your charcoal burne..


1/3 ounce Tropical Rain Auric Blends roll on

Remind yourself of rain falling upon palm leaves, sandy beaches, and exotic flowers with each drop o..


1/3oz I Dominate My Partner (Yo Domino a mi Pareja) w/ pheromones Spell

A roll on perfume by Mistic Products in a convenient roll-on vial. Each perfume oil includes a blend..


10 1/2" Dragon on Green Geode Incense Burner

Dragon on Green Geode Standing Incense Burner 11" Tall...


10 1/4" Buddha burner

Copper Buddha Standing Incense Burner 11' Tall...


10" Unicorn incense holder

A dreamy Unicorn Boat Incense Burner, pearl white based with shades of aqua blue within the incense ..


100 g bulk pack Amber incense stick

Possessing a rich, sweet aroma our Amber Incense sticks enrich any room in which they burn. Upon you..


100 g bulk pack Apple Blossom incense stick

Conjuring to mind the spring fragrance of Apple Blossoms, stirring in the wind, our Apple Blossom In..


100 g bulk pack Black Opium incense stick

Great for mediation and rituals involving divination and astral projection, this incense is wonderfu..


100 g bulk pack Fire incense stick

Our Fire incense possesses a wild, vibrant aroma great for filling the home with a playful, passiona..


100 g bulk pack Gardenia incense stick

With a delightful, floral scent that leaves you feeling as though you`re walking through a flower ga..


100 g bulk pack Healing incense stick

Designed specifically to aid in the healing process, our Healing Incense presents a fragrant, soothi..


100 g bulk pack Lilac incense stick

With the gentle, floral fragrance of the lilac flower, our Lilac Incense is a delightful addition to..


100 g bulk pack Lotus incense stick

Possessing many of the attributes found in the Lotus flower that is so revered within the Hindu Pant..


100 g bulk pack Myrrh incense stick

With the classic scent that so many know and love our Myrrh incense is a welcome addition to any hom..