Incense Boxes & Burners

Incense Boxes & Burners

Burning incense has a long tradition in Buddhism as an offering of respect and veneration. Please enjoy our collection of Japanese and Tibetan incensesbowls and burners. We have some trendy and unusual burners that are sure to bring warmth into your home.  Whether you use incense to enhance your meditation practice or simply to enjoy a refreshing aroma, these wonderful scents are sure to purify and uplift your space.

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10 1/2" Dragon on Green Geode Incense Burner

Dragon on Green Geode Standing Incense Burner 11" Tall...


10 1/4" Buddha burner

Copper Buddha Standing Incense Burner 11' Tall...


10" Unicorn incense holder

A dreamy Unicorn Boat Incense Burner, pearl white based with shades of aqua blue within the incense ..


3" Skull back flow burner

This is a conversation piece as it will mesmerize on lookers as they watch the smoke blow out the mo..


5"- 6" Abalone Shell incense burner with stand

Useful for burning cone or resin incense, as a receptacle for smudge sticks, holder for crystals or ..


6 3/4" Elephant burner

A beautifully designed gold toned incense burner. This stands 6 3/4"and can hold regular incense sti..


6" Buddha cone burner

Buddha cone incense burner that stands 6". A great design with holes around the top of the head that..


9 1/2" Shiny burner (set of 4)

Set of 4 Glitter and Mirror Design Incense Burners 10" long. One each of 4 colors!..


Blue Dragon incense holder

A cute desk dragon curled up around the base of a rocky, snow capped tower of rock to keep your inc..


Happy Holidays 7 chakra stick & burner

This gift package combines seven packages of Chakra Stick Incense (includes 2 free) that are designe..


Iron and Copper oil diffuser

This beautifully unique oil diffuser is perfect for both the altar and the home, featuring a black i..


Joy 7 chakra incense stick & burner

This gift package combines seven packages of Chakra Stick Incense (includes 2 free) that are designe..


Long Branch incense holder

Allow the smoke of your favorite incense rise up from the mouth of this wise elder tree incense hold..


Scentree incense holder

The smoke comes out of the wise tree's mouth and thru the hollow in the crown of his head. Made for ..