Incense & Burners

Incense & Burners

Incense & Burners for all your needs.  Cones and sticks and burners and diffusers.  Many scents including nag champa, relaxation, etc.
During the course of history incense has been used to heal the body, pleasure the senses, sooth the soul, beckon spirits, and pacify the Deities. Aromas have been proven time and again to have a profound effect on the emotional state and memory.
Many mindfulness power based therapists trust it to simply aid one in accessing their own natural powers by opening up the chakras and aiding in reaching their desired state of consciousness.
Additionally, the herbs, resins, spices and aromatic woods have their own specific properties, with their own unique mystical method of conveying that spiritual experience.
It is often used as an offering to the spirits and deities, as well as adding its own particular nuance to rituals, ceremonies, spells and incantations. Incense is also used as an important aid in divination and meditation.

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1 lb Benzoin incense powder

Known for its vanilla-like aroma, Benzoin is a granular incense can be used with your charcoal burne..


1.2oz Kama resin incense

A unique blend of Love & Attraction. Kama is pleasure of the senses, the enjoyment of appropriate ob..


1.2oz Svadhisthana Chakra resin incense

Natural resins, spices, herbs, and essential oils are blended with the rich essence of vanilla. This..


10 1/2" Dragon on Green Geode Incense Burner

Dragon on Green Geode Standing Incense Burner 11" Tall...


10 1/4" Buddha burner

Copper Buddha Standing Incense Burner 11' Tall...


10" Unicorn incense holder

A dreamy Unicorn Boat Incense Burner, pearl white based with shades of aqua blue within the incense ..


100 g bulk pack Amber incense stick

Possessing a rich, sweet aroma our Amber Incense sticks enrich any room in which they burn. Upon you..


100 g bulk pack Apple Blossom incense stick

Conjuring to mind the spring fragrance of Apple Blossoms, stirring in the wind, our Apple Blossom In..


100 g bulk pack Black Opium incense stick

Great for mediation and rituals involving divination and astral projection, this incense is wonderfu..


100 g bulk pack Fire incense stick

Our Fire incense possesses a wild, vibrant aroma great for filling the home with a playful, passiona..


100 g bulk pack Gardenia incense stick

With a delightful, floral scent that leaves you feeling as though you`re walking through a flower ga..


100 g bulk pack Healing incense stick

Designed specifically to aid in the healing process, our Healing Incense presents a fragrant, soothi..


100 g bulk pack Lilac incense stick

With the gentle, floral fragrance of the lilac flower, our Lilac Incense is a delightful addition to..


100 g bulk pack Lotus incense stick

Possessing many of the attributes found in the Lotus flower that is so revered within the Hindu Pant..


100 g bulk pack Myrrh incense stick

With the classic scent that so many know and love our Myrrh incense is a welcome addition to any hom..