Selenite - Energy, Clairvoyance & Cleansing

Posted by krys@666 07/05/2018 0 Comment(s)

When the world of crystals turned from a slight whisper to a pounding need to explore, Selenite was one of the first large crystals I added to my collection. I purchased a large mountain, and soon found that its effect on my third eye was remarkable. Clairvoyance became much clearer and longer while placing the stone on my forehead. My daughter, a budding little psychic, I also encouraged to try it on her third eye. The moment the stone touched her forehead her face lit up! Her love of crystals turned into gas on a fire. I kept finding her “being a unicorn”; her connection with her inner self much more evident to me. My daughter always seems scattered, something I often suffered from myself due to an overload of psychic information. Crystals, in particular selenite and amethyst, organise the energies for us.

Selenite soon found its way around our house, the living room, my office, the treatment room, and now back to my office. Its like the mountain of my collection, standing taller than the others, but also containing the steadfast energy I associate with the mountains. Its energy is constant, until I require it, then it gently tells me that its time to pick it up. I've added a wand for treatments. Since selenite flakes I chose a polished version, so I wouldn’t have bits everywhere while I was trying to work. However its been our preference to use raw crystals when possible, and I can notice a difference in energies in a polished stone.
The wand is like a light-sabre, the light shines down the length of it when I use it. When I send energy down, the crystal directs it more concentrated, amplified, on the place that needs it.

I've found selenite very useful in other ways as well. Cleansing other crystals can be attained by placing it on another with the intention that it be cleansed. I find that it will absorb excess energies in a room, as well as increasing the energies in a room when needed. We've even use it to program clear quartz with the qualities of other crystals. I feel I have yet to discover what can be done with this little wonder. Its helped me write, heal, and grow. I’ve purchased wands for loved ones and they have had similar affection and discoveries.


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